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HPB 160 Watt Total Output H8 BMW LED Angel Eye Upgrade BMW E90 / E92 / E82

Discontinued - See 240 Watt

HPB 160 Watt Total Output H8 BMW LED Angel Eye Upgrade BMW E90 / E92 / E82

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HPB 160 Watt Total Output H8 BMW LED Angel Eye Upgrade BMW E90 / E92 / E82

HPB 160W H8 Angel Eyes, now with nearly 4000 LUMENS! Total output BMW - LED Angel Eyes with a total 160 Watts! These lights compare similar to other popular 160W Lux Angel Eyes at half the cost! Similar output to Lux H8 160, built in fan for better cooling, efficiency and output plus a warranty backed by HPB. Dont pay the BMW tax on Lux 160W H8 Angel Eyes. One of the largest misconceptions in the LED world is that all 160 watt angel eyes are created equal, however, what people forget is the biggest contributor to overall output and longevity is keeping those LED's cool. That is why we implemented a fan into our 160 Watt H8 Angel Eyes. Without a fan, all LED's will heat up and as a result their output diminishes every minute you keep them on. With built in fans output remains consistent and increases the life of the LED's. The fans are what sets HPB Angel Eyes apart from the competition. Although other makers may claim the same wattage, as they heat up their actual output diminishes when HPB 160W H8 Angel Eyes stay cool and bright. The newest design in our ever improving H8 LED Angel Eyes line, the 160W high output LED Angel Eyes are even brighter then our previous versions, improving overall light output for both inner and outer rings. Using larger and higher output - LEDs, light output has been increase by over 40% over the previous design, with wider angle and brighter output LEDs they increase brightness and even light output between the rings. The heat sinks have been improved promoting even longer life as well as the LED power being adjusted and made more efficient to produce more light output. The error correcting modules have been improved for better error correcting qualities and for a smaller more compact design of both the error correcting modules as well as the LED control modules to allow easier fitment in tight spaces. A built in fan ties everything together to perform cooler then it's predecessors and comparable competitions offerings. Please be aware of tricky marketing when shopping for LED Angel Eyes. Our lights are a true 80W on each side with a total output of 160W combined. Many retailers sell their 40W as 80W and combine total output to lure you in. Dont be fooled! Using new larger wide angle High Power - LEDs on each BMW H8 Angel Eyes bulb aimed directly at the light pickups, these direct replacement high output H8 LED Angel Eyes upgrade modules are whiter then stock and will match the color of the BMW HID lights giving your BMW a unique and modern look! The modules feature high quality design with an improved and larger heat dissipating aluminum body then previous versions. The power module and error correcting modules are separate from the LED modules to improve heat dissipation from both the LEDs and power and error correcting modules, increasing life and performance. These BMW LED Angel Eyes modules wonÂ’t trip dashboard error lights or cause any radio interference. Color: White 6000K High Power - LEDs on each bulb with offset angles increase bright 6000K white light output. Separate power module and error correcting module design. These lights have been measured to produce one of the highest lux outputs for 160W LED Angel Eyes. Application:
1 Series: 2008+ BMW E82 / E88 128i 135i & 1M
1 Series: 2008+ BMW E87 LCI Hatchback
3 Series: 2009-2011 BMW E90 LCI (Facelift) Sedan With Xenon Headlights
3 Series: 2009-2011 BMW E91 LCI (Facelift) Wagon With Xenon Headlights
3 Series: 2007-2010 BMW E92 Coupe
3 Series: 2008-2010+ M3 All
3 Series: 2007-2010+ BMW E93 Convertible 328 335i
5 Series: 2008-2010 E60 LCI Facelift Sedan with Xenon Headlights *See Notes*
5 Series: 2008-2010+ E61 LCI Facelight Wagon with xenon headlights *See Notes*
6 Series: 2008-2010 E63/E64 (Includes M6)
7 Series: 2009 - 2011 with Xenon headlights *See Notes*"
X1 SAV: 2010-2012 BMW E84
X5 SAV: 2007-2011 BMW E70
X6 SAV: 2008-2012 BMW E71
Z4: 2009-2012 BMW E89
X5M & X6M 2008-2012 Canbus compatible, these upgrades will not trip dashboard error lights. These lights are not intended nor were they designed to match the late model angel eyes found on newer BMW's. They are simply a replacement and upgrade over stock. As with all plug and play options they are limited in their abilities to produce vivid daytime output and even dispersion between inner and outer rings. To match the late model BMW's output, color and light equality between inner and outer rings you must purchase custom angel eyes which vary in price from $500 up to $1000. We do not offer custom upgrades at this time. Note: 5 and 7 Series models will require removal of the headlight covers. Fitment and clearance issues may be present including but not limited to cutting, drilling and/or trimming of plastic. Removal of headlight may be necessary. Please inquire within if you have any questions. RETURN POLICY: 30 Day Returns from original purchase date. 20% Restocking Fee + $10 Processing Fee. New Condition/Never Installed Only/Original Packaging. If units are installed previously or modified we cannot accept them back. Buyer covers original shipping cost and any return/exchange shipping costs. WARRANTY POLICY: Standard 1 Year through High Performance Bulbs. Extended Warranty 2 Year from original purchased date, original owner. Item must be returned to HPB for proof of failure and core credit. Buyer covers all shipping. Warranty return information can be handled directly through HPB @ or you can email us for warranty instructions. Viewing Your New Angel Eyes: The BMW Angel Eye rings have a specific etching in the outer ring that portrays the light from a direct head on view at distance; Therefore, these lights, just like the factory lights, must be viewed from at least 25 Feet Away, head on and at the same level of the headlights. If you are viewing the lights from an off angle, too close or from too high the outer ring may not appear lit. Again, this is a factory design of the outer ring etching, your factory bulbs function in the same manner. FAQ Is 160W output safe for stock wiring? Yes these only draw about the same power as stock, the 160W designates the equivalent output to a halogen bulb. Do these HPB 160W Angel Eyes dim like stock? Yes, these dim and function just like the stock bulbs, only now they are a bright white LED. Are these HPB 160W Angel Eyes error free? Yes, these are error free and will not trip any codes or malfunction lights on the dashboard. Is the fan necessary, I see other options without fans? The fans were purposely put in place to increase output and longevity. Other competitors lights without fans run much hotter. As LED's heat up, they lose output and are prone to failure sooner. The fans are an upgrade compared to options without them. Are these easy to install? Yes, the concept of the install is very easy, just remove the old bulb and replace with the HPB Angel Eyes. This is a plug and play system. The most common issue when installing is working in a tight area otherwise the install itself is straight forward. *Professional Installation Recommended* **Sample Image, actual product may vary** A QTY of 1 is Pair of Bulbs, suitable for 1 Vehicle 80 Watt Version 2 HPB BMW H8 LED Angel Eyes

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