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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions & Return/Exchange Policy 

Section 1
Fast Shipping!
We pride ourselves in offering stellar customer service, knowledgeable staff and fast shipping response times. We ship orders listed on our website as "Guaranteed in Stock" within 1-2 Business Days and all other items ship on average within 1-5 Business Days. If your order is time sensitive we encourage you to contact us before ordering. Some of our manufacturers and suppliers are still behind due the affects of COVID-19. Please check the description of your items as some may have lead times remarked in notes. 

Section 2
Real-Time Tracking!
Our automated system updates tracking at the end of the business day. You will receive tracking information to the email given at checkout. Tracking information will provide updates to you as the item is in transit including Estimated Delivery Dates.

Section 3
Multiple Shipping Carriers and Distributors:
Top Gear Solutions uses a unique distribution system that chooses specific locations around the country to ensure your item is shipped from the nearest location of its destination. This allows us to keep our pricing low and our shipping costs even lower then the competition. It's possible your order even may ship directly from the manufacturer. With facilities around the country and distribution centers open to early hours in the morning to late in the day in different time zones we strive to get your orders out as soon as possible using the shortest method of transportation. Shipping carriers range from USPS, FED Ex, DHL and USPS. Other carriers may be used for large freight items.

Section 4
Price Matching:
Top Gear Solutions offers price matching when comparing same items, part numbers and or options of certain products. Our price matching guarantee policy only covers advertised pricing from authorized dealers.  In most cases we are able to price match any competitor, however, due to potential losses, Top Gear Solutions cannot always price match. Top Gear Solutions reserves the right to refuse price matching for any reason.  This typically happens when businesses may have but not limited to, out dated pricing, typographical or erroneous prices. 

Allow us to price match a competing authorized dealer and we will give you a store credit pf $25 for your next purchase. Price match opportunity must be from Authorized Dealers and the sale must be listed on their website currently. Buyers need to send us a link to the item and a screen shot of the items in your cart with shipping charges to the final destination included. Top Gear Solutions reserves the right to refuse price matching for any reason. This typically happens when businesses may have but not limited to, out dated pricing, typographical or erroneous prices. 

Section 5

Damaged/Missing Items in Shipment:

We ask you to please inspect all contents of your package upon delivery. Please report any damages on the day of receipt. We have the most recourse if we are notified immediately. Please do not wait weeks or months to tell us something was damaged in shipment. We give you 3 days from delivery to let us know if an item is damaged. Please take any relevant pictures of the box and or goods and forward them by email.

Section 6
Fitment Issues:
Please contact us right away if an item is not fitting properly. Many times we may ask you to contact the manufacturer direct for further troubleshooting as they may be more qualified. In the case of an item being defective, we may ask you to contact the manufacturer directly to open a claim. In most cases the manufacturer prefer to work directly with the consumer to expedite the process.

Section 7
Warranty Claims:
Warranty claims are processed with the manufacturer direct. We can direct you to the manufacturer or we can work in conjunction with you and the manufacturer to process the warranty claim. In most instances working directly with the manufacturer is easier and more efficient. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs to conduct a warranty claim. Warranty claims cover defective products and / or manufacturer defects. If a product is deemed abused, tampered or otherwise modified beyond normal usage a warranty can be voided. If an item is said to be defective substantial proof must be provided and/or in some instances the item may need to be sent back before we can process an exchange. Please see warranty guidelines for your specific product on the manufacturers site. Top Gear Solutions sells all products as is. Warranty eligibility and Terms is at the discretion of the Manufacturer.

Section 8
Vehicle Fitment / Item Descriptions:
Item descriptions may be generic in nature as well as their titles. We do our very best to ensure item descriptions and titles match your vehicles correctly. When in doubt please ask. With so many parts available for many different makes and models we want you to be sure this part fits your vehicle. Ask before you buy! We are not responsible for fitment if you don't ask us first. Please visit the manufacturers website for verification of fitment.

Section 9
Return & Exchange Policy

We Offer 30 Day Returns and Free Exchanges! 

Want to return an item? We can help! As long as the item has never been installed, Brand New In the Box with original packaging we can take it back! (Some exceptions apply, please see below).


Returns must have an RMA and we must give you a specific return address, depending on the item. You will be instructed to write an RMA number on the box or put a specific RMA form in the box, depending.

If a product is "Returned to Sender" this will result in no refund as the return facility will not be receiving the package. Shipping charges are non refundable and if an item shipped with $0 / "Free Shipping" we still incurred a shipping cost and that will be deducted from your refund. Buyer is responsible for all shipping.

All returns regardless of reason are subject to a 25% Restocking Fee of the original purchase cost for qualified returns. If you are exchanging for a similar or like item, there is no restocking fee.

Section 9 A1
The buyer has 30 days from original purchase to initiate a return RMA and forward tracking information to us. No refund will be given for products that arrive after 45 days from original purchase date. Returns will need to be sent through a carrier that provides tracking information. You must forward that tracking information to us on the day you return. This is for your protection as well as ours. Returns received after 45 days will not be honored. Failure to follow the return instructions correctly may result in no refund given. Exchanges must be made within 30 days from Original Purchase. 

Section 9 A2
Returns We Cannot Accept:
We are sorry but we cannot accept returns on any electronic tunes (JB4 JB+ BM3 Cobb AP, ETC), other electronics, wheel packages, special order, custom order, built to order, turbo kits, Large Freight (carbon fiber hoods/trunks/exhaust systems) and lighting.  No exceptions. We cannot accept returns on discontinued items.

We cannot accept any used, previously installed, or damaged items. If an item is sent back to us used, previously installed and/or damaged it is now the property of Top Gear Solutions and no refund will be sent. Items must be in new condition, original packaging, never installed, never used. We cannot resell used parts thus the return policy is only good for new items only. We have the right to refuse a return/exchange claim for any reason.

Section 10:
Refund Policy:
After the return is processed it may be take several business days for your financial institution to clear that refund to your account. The bank Merchant can take up to 5-10 Business days to clear any refunds back to your account. 

Section 11

We offer 100% Store Credit with any cancellation. If a refund is requested upon cancellation a 5% Credit Card Processing Fee will apply to all orders canceled to cover the Transaction Fees and Fraud Services Fees incurred. Some items, such as Turbo Kits, Special Order / Custom Order / Built to Order item(s) may incur cancellation fees up to 20%.  

Section 12
Payment Processing:
Once you have completed the checkout process you have elected to complete payment with us in full. All orders made on our site are billed immediately at the time of checkout. 

Section 13
Right to Cancel / Refuse Order:
Top Gear Solutions has the right to cancel and refuse an order at anytime. It can be due to, but not limited to, the followings:
- An item has been discontinued and no longer in production
- We are unable to confirm your payment
- The identification of a pricing or product description error
-We identity substantial risks of a shipping loss at the destination
-Shipping Address does not match Billing Address
-Options were not selected correctly or left blank
-Fraud Risk
-Unable to verify shipping address with carrier

Section 14
Disputes and Chargebacks:
Due to the increase in fraudulent orders and scams; Any intentional or unintentional disputes or chargebacks will automatically deny any returns. If you have a problem with your order or item please contact us first to resolve the matter. If a chargeback or dispute takes place you will be billed directly for all charge back fees that we incur as well as the highest allowable interest by state law as well as the cost of the items and shipping costs. If payment is not received within 30 days of confirmed receipt of that bill, your account will be forwarded for legal collections. Any attempts to avoid paying for the shipping charges of an order that you placed or any attempt to avoid paying restocking fees associated with a return will be considered theft and fraud. Fees that you can incur by filing a dispute / claim / chargeback incur but not limited to direct bill fee, restocking fee, paypal dispute fee, charge back fee, maximum allowable interest by state law. If your account goes past due we will simply relay your account for legal collections.
Please contact us to discuss any issues before filing chargebacks and disputes.

Section 15
Negative Reviews
Top Gear Solutions has the right to peruse for any loss of sales, loss of reputation or slandering of our name by written reviews. We will peruse legal recourse to the fullest extent if we find negative remarks about our company that can lead to a loss of sales, loss of reputation or similar.

Section 16
We are a licensed business out of the state of New Jersey, USA.

Section 17
NJ Sales Tax will be applied to all orders where customers reside in the state of NJ.

Section 18
California Emissions Disclaimer:
Due to increasing regulations and guideline set forth from the State of California we cannot ship any items that are not C.A.R.B Exempt and or any items that may tamper with vehicle emissions. Your order will automatically be refunded and canceled if you purchase a product that is not approved for resale in CA.

For products and usage that qualify we have Race Only options in some listings. The buyer is aware and agrees that these products will only be used for Race Only purposes and never on public roadways.

Section 19
 Emissions Tampering Acceptance:
By checking out on our website you've agreed that any purchases that may remove, defeat or alter your vehicles emissions controls is strictly for off-road or race use only and is compliant with your state laws. Top Gear Solutions has no liability in how the end user utilizes their purchase.

Section 20
Race Only:
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all products sold by Top Gear Solutions are designated Race Only and are solely for competition/off road use limited to racing formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including
recreational off- road use, may be in violation of local, state, and Federal laws. Top Gear Solutions does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads; that is entirely the responsibility of the consumer.

Section 21
Coding Services:
Top Gear Solutions is not liable for any damages indirect or directly from the use of our coding services. There is no warranty expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all responsibility. All coding purchases are final, nonrefundable and non-­transferable. Top Gear Solutions as the right to refuse, cancel or terminate all agreements without notice.

The end user is responsible for reading and understanding all aspects of the terms of agreement. These terms can change at any time. 

-Top Gear Solutions 

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