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BMW 135i (E82) Clutch Kits & Flywheels

Shopping for BMW 135i Clutch Kit discounts Check out our sales on BMW 335i Clutch Kits. Our BMW Clutch Kits for the 135i and 335i are also compatible for the BMW 335xi, 1M and 335is.

Browse our selection of BMW 135i / 335i Clutch kits from Spec, ACT, Clutch Masters and South Bend!

We've recently added South Bend Clutch Kits for BMW 135i and BMW 335i!

Our most popular BMW 135i Clutch Kit is the Spec Stage 2+. The Spec Stage 2+ Clutch kit is widely known for it's drivability, excellent pedal feel, life and torque capacity.

To better understand the Spec Clutch Kits we've composed a FAQ to hopefully answer all your questions:

What comes with the BMW Spec Clutch Kits?
If you order just a Spec Clutch kit intended for use with the OEM Dual Mass flywheel it comes with plate, disc, pilot bearing, release bearing & alignment tool. If you order a Spec Clutch Kit intended for the use of one of their flywheel options, either aluminum or steel it comes with plate, disc, pilot bearing, release bearing, and alignment tool. 

What is the difference between the BMW Spec clutch kits ending in "-2" and the BMW Spec Clutch kits for OEM DMFW?

The BMW Spec Clutch Kits ending in "-2" are designed for use with Spec's Steel Single Mass Flywheel or Aluminum Mass Flywheel. The Spec Clutch Kits like the Stage 2+ SB533H are designed for use with the OEM Dual Mass Flywheel.

What is the difference between the Spec Single Mass Flywheel in Steel and Aluminum?
The aluminum weighs 14lbs and the steel weighs 22lbs. However, because the BMW 135i / 335i is designed originally for a Dual Mass Flywheel the Steel option is preferred among enthusiast because it has more rotational inertia and also reduces the tendency of flywheel chatter. This is why we recommend everyone to go with the single mass flyhweel in steel as it has tendency to chatter less then it's aluminum counterpart.


Specials on the latest 2007-2010 BMW 135i and 335i Clutch Kits.